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Sri Lanka

The treasures of the ocean in Egypt, the secrets of the Sahara Desert in Morocco, the majestic waves in Indonesia, scary roller coasters in the United States, the generosity of Nicaragua’s people, the fogs of a chilly morning on the French atlantic coast, the glistening skylines of Dubai and Singapore and so many other places I was privileged enough to visit in my life so far.. they all have brought me here, to Sri Lanka. 

A place where all your senses are at work, at all times. 

I see the beauty of the green jungle and tea plants, the smiles and waves of the people, the mesmerizing views from mountaintops and sunrises. 

I feel the wind on my arms and face as the bus races up and down slopes along a mountain side and the warmth of the sun as I stroll along the beach. 

I taste the spice of my breakfast samosa, my curry dinner and the sweetness of a fresh mango or a coconut candy, as I sit in a dark and dodgy restaurant, being served with amazing hospitality and being quizzed by locals about my home country.

I hear the silence of solitude on top of a mountain before the sun rises. As I descend, the laughter and “hello, good mornings” of school children and workers early in the morning. The loud hindi-music playing in stores and restaurants and the people singing along. 

I smell the spices and the incense from a recent prayer or the hibiscus flowers that line the streets. 

But mostly, I feel gratefulness, surprise, wonder and curiosity. I have solitude and laughter, adventure and peace. I said I wanted to be in the forest, stand on top of a mountain, walk through open spaces and swim in the ocean. Thanks to Sri Lanka, this has all happened. And much more is yet to come. 

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